Now Boarding: Chapter One

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Learn about life in Saudi Arabia during the Arab Spring.
Kingdom Come: Tutoring a Saudi Prince

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Now Boarding: Ch 1

Ramadan: Ch 2

Separating Men & Women: Ch 3



Roger Wilkerson had the unique experience of working with Madawi Bint Mohammed bin Abdullah and Faisal Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud for several years as a private tutor.

Two of those years were spent working, tutoring a grandson of the Crown Prince, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during a massive time of change in the region.

The Arab Spring was swirling around the country; during this time period of 2010-12.  Photography was just being allowed and virtually every world leader that had fled their country to Saudi were now living in the same neighborhood that Roger tutored in on a daily basis.

The country was struggling with becoming more open to the Western world.

“Kingdom Come: Tutoring a Saudi Prince” covers the importance of Ramadan in business culture, separation of men and women, expat life, the insanity of international school systems, the Saudi view of other cultures, and how the behind the scenes party lifestyle creates two extremely different worlds.

“One of my first experiences in Riyadh was watching how hotel staff had to debate for several days before deciding if they would throw a Prince out of his hotel room because he couldn’t control his pet – Tiger.”

The book explores not only some of the tutoring challenges for international parents but the business challenges one faces in doing business within the Kingdom or the region in general. Plus, some fun stories of nearly a thousand interactions with various members of the Royal Family.

You can now download the first chapter – Now Boarding – for FREE!  The full book is set for release later this year.

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter.

Bin Laden had just been killed.

Politicians were debating about releasing the pictures, and I found myself in a unique situation.

I’d be flying from Los Angeles to Riyadh with members of the Saudi Royal family on the day they were considering releasing the pictures.

All I could think of was, “How did a kid from a military and civil service family in Columbus, Ohio end up here?”  There was some minor small talk about the event on the flight, but I wasn’t encouraging an in-depth discussion of the topic.

Fortunately, the government chose not to release the pictures.


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